Hello and Welcome to the Official Bogey Beagle Website.

I’m excited that you are here.  My name is Debra D. Hayashi, but you can call me Debra, and I wrote this story about a great little dog, named Bogey.  He is a Beagle.  Normally he is very brave, very bold, and very busy.  But, Bogey has a problem and the book is about what he and Ellie try to do to solve that problem.   Bogey’s problem is something that many of us experience, but it’s also about finding solutions and not giving up.  It’s about learning to face our problems and finding the courage to move forward.

This is the first book it what may become a series of stories and adventures with Bogey Beagle.  It is also the first book produced by my new publishing company: Shoebox Press.  That website is still under construction but I hope to have it up and running soon so you can learn about all my publications, like my Christmas Story: “It’s A Puppy Dog Christmas” which will also be available soon on Amazon.com and currently through the Blurb Bookstore.  Shoebox Press will also begin a new story: “Little Yakamashi” by next Summer as well as several other titles that are “in the works” by other authors.


Thank you again for stopping by and exploring this site.  I hope you will enjoy reading Bogey Beagle and His Totally Terrific Storm Tamer Shirt” and will share your thoughts about it with me.

Come back soon!

Debra D. Hayashi